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Gain access to private webinars that feature industry experts alongside our team.

These webinars are designed to help us all be on the same page. If you are invested in one of our deals you will also have the opportunity to attend private webinars that walk you through how the deal is performing.  

Market Insights

Hear what the insiders are seeing in the marketplace firsthand.

Markets can change rapidly as we have seen with the recents events in Q1 of 2020. Stay informed by join gin Parallel Black

We will communicate changes that we are seeing in the marketplace so that you can make informed decisions about your investment strategy. 

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Our Vision

A place for community to thrive together.

From the outset of Parallel, our focus has always been finding ways to create and impact communities in a positive way. Wether it's improving the livelihoods of tenants at the communities we purchase, or providing investors with positive returns that allow them to spend time with the people and things that they value most in life. When you join our community, you are a part of a group of people dedicated to making a difference. Welcome.

Hayden Harrington  -  Founder

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