Is San Antonio Being Overlooked?

San Antonio apartments and their residents contribute more than  $12.9m  to the metro economy every day.

This equates to over $4.7 billion in annual economic contribution.

Strong Rental Growth

Since 2015, San Antonio has average a 3.2% annual rental growth rate. This is a very good indication that the market is healthy and a great place to invest. With rental rates growing at around 3.1% on average in DFW, this just goes to show how strong the market is in San Antonio.


San Antonio Rent Growth:

Averaged 3.2% since 2015

DFW Rent Growth Averages:

Central: +2.5%, North: +2.4%, Northeast: +2.6%, Southeast: +2.6%, South: +3.9%, Southwest: +4.9%, Northwest: +3.1%

Average: 3.14%

Average Market Rent (San Antonio)

Studio - $742

1BDR - $899

2BDR - $1140

3BDR - $1383