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Today's idea: “Recognize that change is difficult.” - Ray Dalio


This week we have a simple statement that carries a significant amount of importance. The idea is basic, yet why is implementing change so difficult in our own lives? This is a question that needs to first be reverse engineered to understand why we are the way that we are. If we do not take the time to assess how we got here, how do we expect to be able to create a future that looks any different than our present or our past? Without bringing our awareness to the source of the issue, there can be no change.

How To Change

The first step in this process is to recognize that change doesn’t happen over night. We are the way we are because of years of conditional thinking and habitual ways of being.

Over the years we develop a personality which is what our “personal-reality” is a product of. This personality was developed by the habits that we developed over time. Those habits were formed because of the action that we took based upon the decisions that we made. Those decision were arrived at by spending time contemplating the different thoughts & ideas rattling around in our mind. We can even take it a step farther to say that those ideas and thoughts were a product of what we allowed ourself to be exposed to and thus conditioned by.

Now that we have covered how we arrived at who we are today, we can clearly see the path that allows us to have a certain experiences. The first step before change begins to take place is by being cognizant of how we arrived at the present moment. Since we have reversed engineered our experience above, the answer becomes quite clear that the way we change is to first change what we expose ourself to and what we tell ourselves. The beginning is always tough because oftentimes the very thing that we want to change is engrained into who we are at the present moment and has created very strong neural networks in our brain via years of conditional thinking. This is exactly why it is so essential that you first just become aware of your current mindset / outlook on whatever it is that you are looking to change.

Take for instance the idea to get into better shape. Why is it so hard for people to get into shape when to formula is so basic? Eat better and exercise and the rest will take care of itself. So why then do so many people fail at it? It’s because they fail to change what they are telling themselves. The moment the pain of change sets in (physical in this case), is the moment that they revert back to wanting to be the old self. They tell themselves, “this is too hard”, “this is not you”, or “you should be back on the couch watching tv right now like normal.” You see, our body is very smart. It is constantly seeking a state of homeostasis. Your body will literally try and trick your mind into doing what you have always done because it is so used to the chemical cocktail that you feed it via years of habitual thinking. Next time you find yourself attempting to change some aspect of your life or yourself, I would highly encourage you to simply focus on bringing your thought process to the center of your awareness. Become an observer of your thoughts and with each passing one, ask yourself if you would like to accept it or reject it. If it is not conducive to your ultimate goals for yourself or your life, you have the opportunity in that moment to reject it and bring a more empowering way of being into your current experience. You and only you have the power to change what you allow to pass before your awareness and take back the power of your mind.


I sincerely hope that you received some sort of value from this article. My perspective is just that, my own. I will not ever claim to have all of the answers, I can simply offer my current viewpoint that is based upon my own unique life experiences. It is fluid and constantly evolving, so I am always happy to converse and entertain new ways of thinking/being to see how I can further my own development and help empower those around me.

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