Understanding Your Values

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"You can't live a rich life with a poor man's mindset"

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Understanding Your Values

As Henry David Thoreau famously said, "The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” If you feel like this statement speaks to you and causes fear of regret to build up inside of you, then this worksheet was meant for you.

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Thankfully, it's not too late!

In just a few moments, you can see if you have been living according to your own personal values, or if you have been living a life that has been directed by social idealisms and outside influences. 


It takes into consideration:

  • Your true highest values

  • Your current belief systems

  • The difference between living according to your values or someone else's. 

  • Ways to identify toxic and imperative language 

  • Reminders for daily practice to reinforce your new belief systems 

Benefits You'll Receive:


  • Get to know your true self

  • Understand why you feel disempowered at times

  • Invest in your most valuable asset; yourself

  • Create a roadmap for living an inspired life

You can't live a rich life with a poor man's mindset.

It's not hard to find examples of wealthy individuals that are left feeling disempowered and lacking what they truly desire. This is because many people don't take the time to understand what they truly value in life. They follow the normal path that someone else (parents, teachers, etc) has laid out for them. This may lead to financial freedom, but if you still have a poor man's mindset, your newly found freedom will only make you more miserable. 



How to avoid feeling disempowered:

1) Take the time to identify what your true highest values are. This can be done by asking yourself the simple question of, "what would I do if nobody was forcing me to do it and I would still be inspired to do so no matter what challenges may come my way?" 


2) Observe your current life. Is it a reflection of you living by your values, or is it a reflection of you living by the ideas and opinions of others? In order to change, you must first become an observer of your life and current belief systems. 


3) Find ways to connect what you are currently doing in life to what you value most. Everything in life has benefits and drawbacks, so by identifying these up front, you will be more likely to handle the challenges that you will inevitably face.